Managed Print Services

Do you know what each printed page produced by your staff costs your firm?

Most people do not.

Is your office going “paperless”?

Most offices are not.

So it becomes very important that you should “manage” your printed output. Did you know that the national average is that for every copier in an office there are SIX personal printers. And that most of those printers are cheap, DISPOSABLE printers that cost a great deal per page. Sometimes over a nickel per page.

Firmin’s Office City offers MPS or Managed Print Services.

  • We will visit your office and present a complete description of MPS.
  • We will conduct a full analysis of your fleet of copiers and printers and present you with a thorough report of your usage, equipment and cost per page.

This analysis is FREE!

Our goal is to guide you to the point that your fleet of equipment is controlled, managed and affordable. This is done by getting your cost per page under TWO cents per page. And for that two cents per page Firmin’s will cover all parts, labor, travel time, toner and drum. All for one monthly payment.

If you do not know what you are paying per page,  if your fleet of equipment has grown out of control, if you do not have a plan of action for the cost of your office machines — please contact us for a free analysis!

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