Free Water Dispensers

Free Water Dispenser with least purchase of water from Firmin's Office CityKeep your employees happy and confident in the quality of their drinking water, while saving money on your lease.

How Does it Work?

Firmin’s will provide you with a free water dispenser (5-gallon) for your office or breakroom, and in return, you agree to purchase your 5-gallon water refills from Firmin’s.

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Green Facts:

  • Nestle 5 Gallon Eco Sense bottles are cleaned, re-filled, and re-used over 20 times before being recycled into a variety of products, including children’s playground equipment and sneakers.
  • Nestle produces most of their bottles directly at their plants, which saves 6.6 million gallons of fuel per year.
  • Nestle is one of the most efficient users of water among the US beverage industry, using just 0.02% of the total fresh water available in the country annually.
  • Through a partnership with Project WET, Nestle has educated over 23 million teachers and students about water conservation.