Terrell Office Products Merges With Firmin’s Office City


After a year of work, it has finally happened… Terrell Office Products (“TOP”) has merged into Firmin’s Office City.

I have had the opportunity to meet with the staff of TOP and they truly have the needs of their customers in mind.

During the first week of June I had the privilege of working in the Terrell office. The staff and even the customers were great…. This is going to be lots of fun!

What this merger means for TOP and Firmin’s customers:

Benefits to TOP customers:

• Deal with the same local people with whom you are familiar
• Enjoy an expanded variety of products
• Purchase Keurig Coffee and 5 gallon water
• Get the Keurig coffee makers & 5 Gallon water dispensers FREE
• Get breakroom and restroom dispensers FREE
• Buy or lease office machines along with service agreements
• Purchase printing and promotional products
• Access to state and federal purchase contracts on goods and services
• Enjoy freebies such as Free Sample Friday & Online Ordering Specials

Benefits to Firmin’s customers:

• Deal with the same local people with whom you are familiar
• Access to new furniture and product lines
• Purchase Keurig Coffee
• Get the Keurig coffee maker FREE

Both stores have a wider delivery area, which will enable us to better service our companies with multiple locations.

Thank you to all TOP and Firmin’s customers for your patronage. I look forward to meeting you all!

Chuck Firmin