Concerned About Printing and Toner Costs?

This week I sat down with a potential new customer. This experience was educational for both of us. His primary concerns were how expensive toners are and how much time his staff is spending shopping to get the “best deal” for those toners. This customer has five printers, one copier, and one fax machine.

Here is what we did for this customer:

  1. All machines were Hewlett Packard, so we explained to him that HP has three options for several of their brand of toners:
    • Regular toner “A” (standard yield)
    • Long life toner “X” (high yield)
    • Dual toner “D” (dual yield-double the standard yield
  2. We showed him that there are also generic toners available.
  3. We showed this potential customer the difference, by the copy, using the four different toner options.

Some of his printers have a higher cost per copy. So by moving those machines to an area that prints fewer pages, as well as purchasing toners based on the four options above, our new customer actually reduced his overall cost-per-copy from $0.035 to $0.015 per copy.

He opened an account with Firmin’s and signed up to order online. We added all of the toners he purchases into his online Favorites list. Now he will not only save money on toners, but will free up his staff’s valuable time, making his office more productive and efficient.

If you are concerned about your internal printing and toner cost, we can help! Our staff is trained to help you save time and money. Let us help.

Chuck Firmin